Strategy doesn’t deliver
business results – people do.

Organizational Design and Structure

Flow chart with words: strategy, analysis, develop.

Small and Mid sized businesses know that their employees are their greatest asset.

Small and Mid sized businesses know that their employees are their greatest asset. In many SMB organizations, employees are more like family than just an employee number. With that in mind, organizational design and change for growth requires a delicate finesse that you will not get with corporate business model application. Our consultants work with you to design your change, and facilitate the journey to achieve it. At R&R Business Consultants, we keep the human factor in mind while helping you re-structure or re-organize your business design.

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Effective HR Policies, Practices and Compliance

While trust between the employer and the employees is important, not having clear and transparent guidelines is guaranteed to eventually lead to misunderstandings. Don't wait for issues to arise to formalize your policies. We help design the appropriate foundational polices and procedures to keep your company structured, focused and compliant.

Talent Planning

Organizational Talent Plans (OTP) exist so that companies can more effectively address their goals and business needs in order to improve business performance in the long run. This plan will enable your business strategy through your people. It includes attracting the right talent, ensuring continuous coverage of critical roles, employee development and retention.

Business Transformation / Restructuring

The global pandemic has challenged many business and, in some cases, highlighted the need for structural change. Thoughtful assessment, design and execution are critical to the successful reorganization of any company. Our consultants have successfully enabled many team, department and organizational wide restructuring actions in both small business and fortune 150 companies.

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