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Business Incentives and Rewards

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If the general rule says that 20% of your employees deliver 80% of your results, then there is an untapped potential to stretch the middle 50%. Tradition will say that they want cash. Yet research on the effectiveness of incentives concludes that employees will quickly view cash bonuses as an entitlement and will use incentive dollars to pay down debts. According to a 2019 travel report, the average millennial planned on taking roughly five trips throughout the year. These vacations can be time away from work or time away for work!

R&R Solutions

Our personal and business travel services are coordinated by our dedicated TICO certified travel consultant. Tap into our experience and extensive traveling knowledge. Let us take the work out of planning an event or vacation. We have organized and hosted programs from all-inclusive getaways to personalized executive travel and million+ dollar programs all over the world.


Business Meeting and Conference Planning

From training events to business conferences we can ensure your business events are effective and impactful.

Incentive Travel

Vacation incentives are one of the most powerful methods of attracting new business and increasing retention of your employees. Thoughtfully designed programs motivate the entire sales team to overachieve and reward the top performers with memories that will last a lifetime.

Personal Travel

R&R Travel will take care of everything you need for that much needed family vacation or special event get away. Let us book your cruise, flights, hotels or all-inclusive vacation. Our personalized service and knowledge is the difference to making your time off relaxing and enjoyable.

Hosted Executive Travel

For the ultimate in luxury, join one of our exclusive hosted travel trips or arrange a private hosted travel experience.
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